NADIA The Complete Blue Water CD Boxset on eBay

Love the incredible music in Nadia? Here's a chance to own it all via a
phenomenal 11 CD box set. Every vocal, BGM, karaoke, and remix is
present in this very rare collection. Currently going for $20 on eBay,
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Check out all the pretty pictures ^_^.

Blessed be,

Kuma Love

Top wo Nerae 2 scanlations

Sadly I don't think there is much of a Top wo Nerae 2 fanbase yet, but anyway I come bringing some scanlations I made of some of the extra "manga" that appears on the official site. Hopefully these might be seen by some fansubbers so they can better make their judgements on the romanization of characters' names :).

Behind the cutCollapse )

There are two more that talk about the characters' favourite foods and hobbies... I'll get to those later.

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Just for fun...

Write at least a paragraph on any aspect of the symbolism behind NGE. You may not write about something that has been written already.

I love reading this NGE biblical symbolism stuff. It's so great.
p3 - punchdrunk.

Kare Kano RP

Some of you might've seen this in the Kare Kano community. If so, I apologize. ^^;

First, I wanted to say that I'm a huge Asuka fangirl. c.c;

But what I really wanted to know is if anyone knows how to RP on a MUCK and would be interested in playing a character from Kare Kano. I'm trying to form a cast...I may be unsuccessful. So far the only ones truly spoken for are Yukino, Tsubasa, and Kazuma. If you're interested, just let me know! Thanks!
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